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A mouse is a hand-controlled pointing device that detects two-dimensional motion relative to the surface where the device is moved by the user as it controls the movement of the cursor or pointer on a display screen. The standard mouse usually has two buttons which help in selecting an application icon on the desktop screen and opening menu options for any icon. Sometimes a scroll button is also given between the two buttons of the mouse for quickly scrolling the page up and down by moving the scrolling button back and forth. There are gaming mouse as well with more buttons on one of its side for advanced moves in the game. 

Like any hardware, device mouse also needs a driver to communicate with the computer. Therefore, improper drive installation or drive failure can affect the functionality of the mouse and mouse-related tech issues can arrive in your system but with tecgab technical support, any problem can be resolved by simply following the guidelines and instructions given in our articles. Tecgab also commits to resolve any technical problem by providing 24x7 call and chat support to their users and furthermore you can find a local repair around your location for a personal visit to resolve your tech query.

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