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Hardware Issues

Hardware issues can prove to be the source of a lot of trouble to the users as it can disrupt the proper working of a system. All the physical parts of a computer together makes the hardware. Hardware in a computer includes parts like monitor, keyboard, mouse, hard disk drive, motherboard, video card etc. Hardware of a system performs as a mediator between the user and software by helping the user feed the instructions and commands to the computer that is further analyzed by the software and in turn proper result is produced, which is again displayed to the customer on the monitor which is a hardware component.

The hardware of a system performs four main functions of input, processing, storage and output. Issues that emerge in the hardware of a computer creates more anxiety to the user as it cannot be fixed by the user himself simply by following a few steps or by taking help from a tech support technicians over remote access and following his instructions. For fixing hardware issues, physically taking the system for getting fixed is required. Tecgab provides support for issues related to hardware by either fixing the damaged components of the hardware or by replacing that hardware component or by changing the system with a refurbished or a new one.

The service that is provided by Tecgab is of following type:

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